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About us

Technological advances have transformed the way we travel, being the protagonists of this change makes us proud and generates a permanent commitment, creating new tools that respond to a constantly evolving market. We are an organization with a team of interdisciplinary professionals, who share a passion for tourism and innovation, generating technological solutions oriented to the needs of the sector and focused on the user experience.

Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy.

-Richard Stallman.




Flights Module

Search tool based on the traveler’s budget, or the type of activity they want to do (beach, adventure, nature) or the geographical area they want to visit (large European capitals, Southeast Asia, etc.).

Flexible Flights

Information on all current restrictions on modifications and cancellations.

Traveler assistance

Possibility of including an assistance to the traveler at checkout.

Baggage Information

Information on the inclusion of bags.


Filtros por aerolínea, aeropuerto, horario de salida y regreso, escalas y equipaje en bodega.

Mapa y Calendario

Resultados de rutas con los mejores precios dependiendo del presupuesto de viaje.

Emisión automatizada

La emisión se realiza de forma automatizada enviando los e-tickets directamente a los pasajeros.